Our Story

Our Mission

POAM exists to provide premium designs and apparel that inspire hope and purpose to the modern street culture and society. We engage our community through fashion, faith and charity.

Our History

POAM (Prospectors On A Mission), was birthed in 1993; initially as a live Hip Hop band. During that time, POAM was also a community-based movement that conducted positive music and art programs that served inner-city youth, helped to uplift the community and countered the issues of poverty, violence, and drug mis-use. POAM went on to open two Hip Hop clothing boutiques in Rhode Island, and one in Orlando, Florida. In 2000, they opened one of the first Hip Hop mini malls. Each location were well known hubs for breakers, emcees, DJ's, graffiti artists, as well as meet-and-greet outlets for national Hip Hop artists. The original 93 POAM mascot (The Prospector), represents all who prospect for the greatest treasures in life: God, purpose, and truth.

In 1998, the MISSION became more real, when POAM founder, Paris Fisher, gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. He was awakened to the realization that the mission was bigger than music, fashion and Hip Hop. The mission was much greater than the appeal of fame and fortune. At that moment he discovered that (he) was the MISSION and that God was pursuing (him). He learned that it is about a real relationship with God, through Christ, and that God has a unique purpose and plan for each person, not just in the natural sense, but a super-natural one as well. This conversion, is what continues to compel POAM today. It motivates them to work compassionately, to see lives freed from poverty, drugs, violence, crime, oppression and most importantly, to see lives made whole from the brokenness of this world.

Missions and Charity Work

Since then, POAM has been active in domestic and foreign missions work, from local community programs, musical performances, and serving the homeless - to providing humanitarian aid abroad. Since 2013, Paris and other partners began doing work in Haiti as a direct response to the 2010 major earthquake. Much of the work there consists of construction projects, educational initiatives, feeding programs, medical support and most importantly, sharing the love of God. Through a local network and friends in Haiti, the work there continues.


In the present time, it is our privilege to see the MISSION continue. As we present our latest POAM collection of clothing and accessories, we look forward to engaging our community and the world. Through fashion, music, and other creative ways, we our excited and blessed to "walk by faith." Will you walk this MISSION with us...?

Grace, peace and much love...

POAM Clothing Co.

This relaunch and site is dedicated in memory of:
Linda Jean Jessica Fisher DeCosta
Tommie Hill
Leon Hills
and all those we lost that has been a part of the MISSION.