POAM exists to provide premium designs and apparel that inspire hope and purpose to the modern street culture and society. We engage with our community through fashion, faith and good works.

Representing all aspects of the Hip Hop culture, POAM (Prospectors On A Mission), was birthed in 1993; initially as a live Hip Hop band. During that time, POAM was also a community-based movement that conducted positive music and art programs that served inner-city youth, helped to uplift the community and countered the issues of drug abuse, violence, crime, and poverty. POAM went on to open two Hip Hop clothing boutiques in Rhode Island, and one in Orlando, Florida. In 2000, they opened one of the first Hip Hop mini malls. Each location were well known hubs for breakers, emcees, DJ's, graffiti artists, as well as meet-and-greet outlets for national Hip Hop artists. The original 93 POAM mascot (The Prospector), represents all who prospect for the greatest treasures in life: God, purpose, and truth.